Pembrokeshire Dawn Walk 2016

Pembrokeshire Dawn Walk is returning for its 10th year in 2016 with new routes, a fantastic new venue and new challenges. Originally organised by a group of walking enthusiasts to raise money for Macmillan in 2007, the Pembrokeshire Dawn Walk originally went from Withybush to Cresselly Cricket Club. In 2008 Macmillan came on board to support the organisation of the event and a long standing relationship with Pembroke Refinery was born providing additional logistical support to the event. In 2012 the event was taken under the umbrella of 'Miles for Macmillan' and additional sponsorship was offered by Boots. In 2014 the event moved to Pembroke Castle and continued to grow. Unfortunately, in 2015 the event did not run and it was decided to relocate the event and provide a new direction. For 2016 we have changed our relationship with sponsors and are no longer working with Pembroke Refinery and are engaging with a number of other local businesses.  We are aiming to recruit 500 participants across our 3 brand new routes for what is promising to be a fantastic event.